Discover the full power of a leading edge knowledge strategy.

Work with the one of the foremost authorities in the field. Our people are thought leaders and educators and can help your organization implement an intelligent, holistic knowledge strategy. We stay abreast of where Information Governance and Data Management are going and can help you get ahead of what’s coming.

Experience the exponential benefits of searchable, shareable knowledge. We’ll help your organization gain efficiency, learn from its mistakes, safeguard organizational know-how and accelerate innovation through collaboration.

Create a custom strategy founded on years of precedent. Knowledge Strategy Solutions draws upon hundreds of engagements in a myriad of industries to fine-tune a strategy for your organization.

It starts with a thorough knowledge audit. We begin by examining and evaluating your collaboration practices and technology tools. We then recommend knowledge strategies for improving your organization’s knowledge development, sharing and innovation practices. Lastly we address discrete knowledge needs by creating knowledge repositories and repeatable processes for capturing knowledge.

We’re with you all the way. Knowledge Strategy Solutions will develop change management tactics to deliver your knowledge strategy vision to your organization. We’ll provide project management, process creation and documentation to see it through. And we’ll train your people in collaboration and knowledge capture practices.

A knowledge strategy provides an advantage in any industry.

  • Enables law firms and other professional services firms to give clients the full benefit of their firms’ collective knowledge.
  • Allows non-profits to keep their operations lean and concentrate resources on helping constituents.
  • Helps large corporations develop a culture of knowledge development and sharing.
  • Equips mid-sized companies to streamline their response to recurring requests for documents and information.


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