Move your organization to the forefront of information governance.

Get your electronic information storage costs under control. No organization today can afford to store unnecessary data. According to Gartner, midsized companies are now paying storage fees in excess of $3,000 per terabyte saved. Join the growing number of clients who rely on our expertise to help them formulate clear, achievable, organization-wide policies that enable them to control their data storage costs.

We facilitate organization-wide savings. Knowledge Strategy Solutions will facilitate a functional collaboration among your business groups to find data you can dispose of defensibly. We will then write an Expert Opinion Letter to support the dispositions and take on the responsibility of defending the recommendation against any legal challenges.

Toss the bad, leverage the good. Today, organizations in every sector are faced with the same questions: How can data useful to current and future business operations be leveraged? And how can data that is not needed for business or legal reasons be disposed of in a sustainable, defensible and predictable fashion? This is where Knowledge Strategy Solutions consultants excel.

We help organizations at any stage of their information governance. We offer the expertise to create frameworks for developing new information governance policies or provide procedures and updates to your existing policies and procedures. We also evaluate and advise on database solutions and other technology tools for data retention, retrieval, management and disposition to put you at the forefront.

We help you put a plan in action. We provide rollout strategies that are practical, sustainable, and grounded in the realities of your current capacity. We design and deliver organization-wide information governance training. We also help you identify key cross-organizational stakeholders to lead the information governance initiative.

If your company stores information, it needs governance. We have developed our knowledge strategies and solutions expertise working with Fortune 500 clients in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Media and Entertainment, Manufacturing, Finance and Banking, Insurance, Technology & Computing, Consumer Products, Education and Commercial Real Estate.

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