Defensible disposition for your backup tapes and boxes older than 10 years.

Storing unstructured data can cost your organization millions. That’s a bitter pill when you consider that as much as 50-70% of the data organizations store has no value and isn’t required for legal or regulatory purposes. Despite that fact, organizations are often incapable of throwing out their own dead data. That’s where Knowledge Strategy Solutions® comes in.

We help you overcome the challenges to discarding dead data. Your organization’s IT people want to delete the data that no one has touched in years. Your legal team wants to be safe. The result is inaction that increases your litigation risks and costs millions in over-retention. We at Knowledge strategy Solutions want to help. As an independent 3rd party, we’ll validate your disposition decisions in a Data Disposition Expert Opinion Letter.

We do what big consulting firms and data managers cannot. We’re attorneys and experts in data disposition. We confirm what you can defensibly dispose of and what you can’t. We help you make decisions—which is very different from merely helping you organize your data or create policies. We make specific recommendations, provide the reassurance you need and help you take action.

We identify large swaths of data eligible for deletion. For many of our clients, that means files older than 10 years, boxes older than 12 years, and any backup tapes not needed for disaster recovery system restoration.

Our approach is the most sensible out there. We recognize that data management will not be accomplished by trying to tag and classify every document. Classification is time consuming, expensive and rarely completed. Instead, we create processes to evaluate your data by high-level attributes that will guide retention and disposal decisions in light of your organization’s legal, regulatory and business retention obligations.

We take the risk out of the equation for you. Our Expert Opinion Letters contain data disposition recommendations that provide your attorneys with independent validation of the disposition decision and action. And in making recommendations, Knowledge Strategy Solutions takes on responsibility for defending the disposition against legal challenge, relieving your attorneys of that burden and risk, and freeing them to decisively dispose of rarely touched and never used “dead data.”

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