We help organizations simplify their way to success.

Simple records retention and data management policies are best. These days, organizations can’t afford to have records retention policies and procedures that people can’t or won’t follow. The astronomical cost of data storage is one reason. Having all that unnecessary data sitting around is also risky. But disposing of it improperly could make you the target of a willful spoliation claim. Knowledge Strategy Solutions helps you walk the fine line between retention and disposition.

We’ve helped 100s before you. As thought leaders and industry pioneers, we’ve worked with companies dealing with the same challenges as you. We can help you get out in front of your data management and record retention challenges by showing you the way to the forefront of policy and implementation techniques. We know the industry standards, can benchmark your existing policies and help you get on track.

Our approach is uniquely simple. We show companies how to implement retention rules and policies that people understand and can easily comply with. Our data management strategy starts by carefully considering the needs of each of your organization’s business units. We learn what data types are critical to their business operations and for how long such data has business utility.

We work with you to build reality-based policies. Knowledge Strategy Solutions works with your organization to build sensible record policies for retention and disposition that reflect the real way your organization manages its email, business records and more. For a growing number of businesses, information is now stored in databases. By leveraging abilities to manage retention at the source database system, all documents and emails outside those source systems can become eligible for disposition.

We’re personally involved. Knowledge Strategy Solutions will help your organization develop training and implementation programs that drive policy buy-in and adherence throughout the organization. We also assist you in setting up a system of records coordinators—representatives in each of your business groups who see policies through.

You can hold us accountable. We’re with you to support defensible disposition of data once it has outlived its business, compliance or legal hold usefulness. We provide you with the peace of mind of an Expert Opinion Letter defending the appropriateness of any data disposition you make and we will be on the frontline, explaining these disposition decisions to any court or regulator who might ask.

We’ll get you to the forefront. As your data production surges in the coming years, we’ll advise you on technology tools to support your evolving records management and e-discovery needs.

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