Make e-discovery e-asy.

The ideal combination of technology and expertise. Today’s technologies for e-discovery can deliver astounding efficiencies. But without an experienced, involved operator, these tools can make e-discovery harder for you, not easier. Knowledge Strategy Solutions brings true, defensible discovery management to your case as well as industry-leading expertise in e-discovery strategies.

Discover a better, faster and less expensive path to e-discovery. Knowledge Strategy Solutions uses virtual collaboration to perform targeted—not “grab all”—collections. By sharing a key custodian’s computing environment, Knowledge Strategy Solutions can intelligently perform collections that substantially reduce collection time, effort and costs—and save you from hiring expensive collection consultant teams.

Our Litigation Knowledge Strategies save you time and money. Why duplicate collections for you and your adversary’s document reviews when you’re both reviewing the same collection of documents? Instead, use partitioned document review databases that securely provide you and your adversary with restricted access to just the document sets each needs to review. This is just one of the techniques Knowledge Strategy Solutions employs to help clients drive down the cost and time for document collections and reviews.

Gain the added benefit of our Knowledge Strategy expertise. Litigations involving the same legal issues and discovery custodians but different litigants present opportunities to leverage work that’s been done before. Let Knowledge Strategy Solutions help you consolidate and re-use collections and productions. We can also help you create a Litigation Knowledge Library that provides all of the information needed by the various firms representing you.

We perform legal services that make your job easier. Knowledge Strategy Solutions will also give you a template for discovery responses and objections that shields litigants from the usual discovery “gotchas.” We can prepare preservation demand letters, meet and confer agendas and negotiation checklists. We can assist in identifying and preparing 30(b)(6) witnesses on issues relating to preservation and e-discovery. And we can help your organization fine tune its e-discovery efforts by hosting lunch and learn presentations for your team of lawyers, staffers and court personnel.

We go above and beyond the e-discovery task at hand. Knowledge Strategy Solutions can help you develop sustainable processes that reduce the costs and risks associated with records retention, collection and production in future litigation. We’ll help you develop and document processes for preservation, collection and production. We also create processes for review and analysis of data and documents received from other parties in litigation.

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